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Touchless Car Wash with Lava Waterfall

Advanced automatic 360° technology. Intelligent system with innovative features.

Superior Product


Separation of Water & Foam


Adjust the distance between the mechanical arm and the car.


Additional functions triple foam, lava waterfall 


Separation of Water & Electricity


Flexible Wash Programming


Car Wash Size
266"L x 106" W x 96" H


High Pressure Water Pump 90 bar - 100 bar


Uniform Speed, Uniform Pressure, Unifrom Distance



  • Operation Mode, Four 90° Turns
    The robotic arm turns 360° around the vehicle body, and the angle of the four corners is 90°, which is closer to the vehicle and shortens the cleaning distance.
  • Underbody Spray
    Equipped with the function of cleaning the underbody and lower sides of the vehicle, the nozzle pressure is reduced to 1000 PSI to prevent damage to vehicle components.
  • Chemical Mixing Cabinet
    Digital metering pumps support up to 8 chemicals.
  • High Pressure Rinse (Standard/Enhanced)
    The water pressure of the water pump nozzle can reach 1400 PSI , and the robot arms of all equipment wash the body at a constant speed and pressure, two modes (standard/enhanced) can be selected. Enhanced feature commands the arm during the high pressure rinse to make 3 passes to front and 3 passes to back of vehicle.
  • Built-in Air Dryers (All Plastic Fan)
    The built-in air-drying system is equipped with four 5.5 kWh fans, which can effectively dry the whole body of the vehicle. Additional exit and side fans are available for the EV version but are included in the CIB360 version.
  • Intelligent 3D Detection System
    Equipped with advanced ultrasonic sensors, smart photoelectric sensors and closed-loop controllers, it uses an accurate closed-loop detection system to detect the length of the vehicle to ensure stability, safety, and energy savings.
  • Intelligent Electronic Collision Avoidance System
    Ultrasonic sensors measure vehicle size and try to avoid touching the vehicle. Machine will stop if arm gets in contact with any object.
  • Parking Guidance System
    Guide the vehicle to park using a guidance sign "Forward, Stop, Backup"
  • Machine Error and Alarm Handling
    If an error occurs, the light and an alarm sound will go off. The machine will stop and the entrance and exit door will open. Trouble signal can be used to signal playstation out-of-service.
  • Remote Control
    Through the IOT ( Internet of Things), complete remote startup, shutdown, reset, diagnosis, upgrade, and monitoring is available.
  • Standby Mode
    If the device is not used for a long time, it will automatically enter the standby state, which can reduce the energy consumption of the device in the idle state by 85%.
  • Fault Self-Check
    When an error occurs, the self-check is started and an alarm is triggered. The process identifies the cause of the fault and records the fault code.
  • Shot-Circuit Protection
    Short-circuit protection functions, which can be used to protect the circuit and the motor from an overload event.
  • Remote Software Upgrade Available
    The software can be remotely upgraded to fix any bugs
  • High Pressure Washing
    The German PINFL high-pressure industrial water pump is used to ensure that the nozzle water pressure reaches 1400PSI, which can truly achieve high-pressure washing.
  • Water and Electricity Separation
    No electrical equipment is installed outside the equipment room. All components including the touchscreen to manage the machine are installed in our control boxes. This ensures longevity of the electrical components.
  • Separation of Water and Foam
    We set up two pipelines to spray water and foam. The single foam tube we designed is more than 2/3 less wasteful than the ordinary car washing machine.
  • Direct Drive System
    The use of new direct drive technology has greatly improved the energy saving, safety and stability of the pump and motor. We don't use a belt, hence no energy is wasted.
  • Hot Dip Galvanized Frame Double Anti-Corrosive
    The overall hot-dip galvanized frame is anti-corrosive and wear-resistant for up to 30 years.
  • Arm Distance Adjustment
    Through intelligent measurement and sensors, the arm adjusts it's distance according to the vehicle width.
  • Clean the Side View Mirror
    The arm angles to rinse the side view mirrors.
  • Frequency Conversion Energy Saving System
    Electric motor and fans use a frequency converter
  • Oil Free (Reducer/Bearing)
    Equipped with NSK bearings originating in Japan. The bearings are oil-free, fully sealed and are maintenance-free.

Technical Data


3 Years

Max Vehicle Size

266" L x 106" W x 96" H

Standard Bay Size

30.52 FT L x 13.45FT W x 11.5FT H

Ground Concrete Thickness of Site

8" Concrete Slab

Electric Motor

25HP/18.5kW/208V (35HP option available)

Air Dryers

Four 7HP/ 5.5kW Motors/208V

Pump Pressure

1400 PSI

Standard Water Consumption

Approx. 34-48 gallons/Car 

Track Beam Length

29.53 FT

Total Power

200 amps Breaker

Power Requirements

3 Phase 208V


Price: $69,000

Installation Service Available


Operation Steps



High Pressure Cleaning of Chassis and Hub.


360 Intelligent Rotary and High Pressure Rinse. Enhanced Rinse Configuration For Top Selling Wash.


Energy-Saving Intelligent Rotary Spraying Presoak


Wax, Ceramic Sealant and Spot Free


Lava and Foam


Embedded Machine Fans For Drying and Optional Exit Dryers

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